Friday 26 April 2013
violet violet + Cthru27 + Arrows of Love + exclusive DJ set from The Nightingales
@ Norwich Arts Centre

St Benedict's, 8pm. £6.50 adv + booking fee where applicable, £8 door. Late bar.

Hell yes, this night's not to be missed! wombatwombat's super-excited to host a pair of much missed blasts from the past playing some very special comeback shows, as well as acting filthy cupid by parading one of London's hottest breaking bands: get ready to fall in lust with Arrows of Love and to re-live the passion ignited by violet violet and Cthru27.

violet violet
© Andi Sapey

violet violet

from Norwich

"If 90s riot-grrrl sound had swapped feminist theorising for the happy-hour horror of a Saturday-night city, it might have swaggered like this." (Sunday Times)

Hurrah! It's an exclusive hometown reunion outing for violet violet with a host of surprises in store, four years after their C-c-c-cat prowled the streets, having been released into the cities that were – and undoubtedly remain – full of beasts.

Tasty, barbed morsels snatched from the fingers, mouths and hearts of PJ Harvey, Sleater-Kinney and Huggy Bear, heavily seasoned with violet violet's own arty brand of vibrant wit and wisdom. This is gossip rock. It's edgy, prowling, harmoniously delivered by a pair of sardonic sirens. Tumbling tunes stuffed full of primal tribal rhythms, gyrating guitars and a dual-pronged lead vocal attack. And it's back, for one-night only.

"Headless-style femi-punk from this trio of hardcore Norwich based DIY-ers… producing what could be called Rrrriot-metal. Or Metal-grrrrl. Something like that anyway… Echos of bands like Huggy Bear, Gertrude and Bikini Kill litter proceedings: shouty vocals, angry 'bitchy' lyrics and big punk riffs are all evidence of this… It's almost enough to recall the great Babes in Toyland… I take back my first sentence. This band is much better than Headless. As the band's lyrics on this little gem say for themselves 'Anything you can do/I can do it better'." (Artrocker)

"Full of quirkiness and indie punk attitude [with] vocals that could out sass even Karen O." (Rock Sound)

"Not averse to making the sort of racket Courtney Love dished out so vivaciously before real-life soap operas took over, or even the primal gutscraping of people like Huggy Bear and Nation Of Ulysses, violet violet are a refreshing kick in the goolies to boring ladrock and post-rocking chinstrokers the land over." (

"I can't dismiss violet violet as another grrrlpunk outfit, because they're just too damn good." (The Mag)

"These girls packed a hell of a punch. A glamorous, scream-punk knuckle sandwich. Cheri (in a stunning pair of red heels) on guitar and a collection of magic effects pedals, and Fliss slamming away on the drums, both singing energetic and co-ordinated vocal parts, their feline-and sambuca-fuelled music is more than just a little bit pleasing. They were different, artistic, sexy, fun, funny, superb performers, a meeting of the minds and clearly committed to their work." (



from Lowestoft/Reydon/Norwich

"Sounds Like a cross between the Beastie Boys and The Streets, lovely stuff!" (Mark Chapman, 'A')

Also making a very welcome return to the live arena – playing their only Norwich gig in a short series of shows to celebrate eight years since the Radio..N EP was released, not to mention having seen through the musician's death-hex of 27 – it's Lowestoft/Reydon/Norwich rock-hop legends Cthru27.

Lyrically biographical and quite literally in-yer-face, Cthru27 have never shied away from forcefully telling it like it is re politics, rural isolation and their effects on a disaffected population. Rumour has it they may be sharing some new thoughts on such matters and sometime female vocal collaborator Jules could take the mic for some classic oldies.

"This group are certainly on par with groups such as Def Tex and deserve more attention. The Cthru27's live show is something not to be missed and many are taken by surprise that, although not their preferred genre they find themselves enjoying the rock-rap experience." (Eastzone)

Arrows Of Love

Arrows Of Love

from London

"Arrows Of Love are pulling loud indie rock back from the dilettantes and poseurs. Taking it down to the gutter. Picture if you will a Venn diagram where the art-punk of Pussy Galore, Country Teasers and Sonic Youth intersects with the twisted psychedelia of Silver Apples and the true grunge of Bleach-era Nirvana or the violent blues of Jesus Lizard. Now take that Venn diagram and burn it. You won't be needing it where we're going." (Ben Myer)

One of London's hottest breaking bands in every sense, Arrows of Love bring their intense, energy-rammed and compelling dark and sleazy noise, complete with complementary performance, to the party to mark the imminent release of their debut album Everything's Fucked.

"Kinetic!" (Lauren Laverne, BBC 6 Music)

"With twitches of guitar, sinister thumping drums, and a bassline that's darker than The Horror's wardrobe, Honey paints AoL as less of a London fivesome and more of a supergroup of villains (the line-up could just as easily read: Darth Vader, the Bogeyman, Mr Burns, Bowser and Jeremy Hunt)." (Artrocker single of the month)

"An epileptic fit set to music, it's wild-eyed and feral, raw and unpolished and all the better for it." (Music Week)

AND get down to the sounds spun by Brummie punk legends The Nightingales – for one night only in Norwich – DJing a alongside Howlback Hum's DJtm and Chad "Chad" Mason in the bar, where drinks will be served 'til late.