Friday 14 December 2012, wombatwombat's 12th birthday and Christmas party: Cold In Berlin + Tortoise Family Connections + There's Someone In The Pond + Howlback Hum bands in the bar @ Norwich Arts Centre

St Benedict's, 8pm. £6.50 adv + booking fee where applicable, £8 door. Late bar.

As it's time to celebrate another birthday and mark a festive occasion, we can't think of any better way than bringing together a selection of old and new friends for a roof-raising evening of noise that will undoubtedly include some partyesque freebies. All of our bands are playing their wombatwombat debut and it's the first ever gig for tonight's opening act, meaning it's exciting times for all, guaranteed: please join us.

Cold in Berlin
© Ester Segarra

Cold In Berlin

from London

"Cold In Berlin only make real sense live, in a packed, dark venue with strobes and their fanatical audience going wild and the singer flailing her hair and roving out into the crowd." (

Who witnessed the "Crowley-esque avant rockers" (Artrocker) Cold in Berlin literally rampaging through Norwich's Olive's café venue in March, courtesy of The Divine Hammer? Gosh, that was INTENSE and thrilling – one of the most exciting performances we've experienced this year – and just begging to be unleashed somewhat louder in a suitably spirited venue: cue Norwich Arts Centre's majestic former church auditorium, still lined with plaques of remembrance and a little chill hanging in the air waiting to be blasted away by the heat of the moment…

"Time for Cold In Berlin, and as the boys band take to the stage and pick up their instruments, front woman, vocalist, goddess and high priestess of post punk Maya surveys her audience as she snaps her teeth and licks her lips like an expectant vampire about to be let loose in an orgy of flesh and blood. And then the music starts. For those of you not familiar with Cold In Berlin, their sound is something along the lines of Bauhaus fronted by Siouxsie Sioux. With deep, penetrating bass lines, fraught guitar, tribal drums and Maya's glass-shattering vocals, what you hear on record is intensified x10 live on stage… Reminiscent of a young Kate Bush, Maya uses her body to express her songs and on several occasions during the set she steps off the stage and into the audience, bringing her mic with her. As she sings from the middle of the crowd the look of fear on the faces of some of the men in the audience is almost comical – such is the power of her performance." (

Now And Yet has been unleashed as the follow-up to Give Me Walls, Artrocker's album of 2010: hallelujah.

"A bit like listening to the early Sisters of Mercy records with Siouxsie Sioux on vocals and a little bit of Doom drizzled theatrically over the top… Their use of indie rhythms and guitar drone has allowed them to fashion a very unique sound… The glue that binds this epically dark album together is without a doubt the vocal talents of Maya… I'm taking Goth back from the teenage nightmares who stole it, and Cold In Berlin shall be the soundtrack to my dark revolution." (

"We're going to keep singing and swearing so we aren't 'absorbed by mainstream audiences'. We're swimming up stream against the tide of pseudo liberal morality. We're not speaking your language. We're kicking against you pricks." (Cold In Berlin, commenting on the BBC's review of their debut album Give Me Walls)

Tortoise Family Connections

Tortoise Family Connections

from Norwich

"Very polished grungy pop" (cityandsticks)

Kicking against their day jobs with The Kabeedies and These Ghosts, Rory and Cal have some fun with their All Sorted!?!-released six-track EP, Extraterrestrial Kestrel, mixing the ear-crunching loudness of The Lion with some hauntingly beautiful harmonies, as heard on Holy Ghost, with a dark lyrical undercurrent and barbed hooks aplenty always on display.

There's Someone In The Pond photo

There's Someone in the Pond

from Norwich

Tonight it'll be just like Christmas because we'll all be unwrapping a new gift together when There's Someone in the Pond take the stage for the first time. Rumour has it everyone will be wowed when Tom, Jack and Fliss (yes, THAT Fliss, ie current member of The Broken Seas, The Nightingales and ex-violet violet) share their unpolished scuzzy garage rock that's in the vein of Billy Childish, early White Stripes and The Trashmen.

As There's Someone in the Pond got together at a party over a shared love of rock 'n' roll, loud noises and cocktails, it seems tonight's live debut couldn't happen at a more fitting occasion than wombatwombat's 12th annual celebration of promoting the best sounds around.

Be ready to party hard.

Plus Howlback Hum bands in the bar with Alto45, Milly Hirst, Terence Falkenstein and Chad Mason.

Tickets from:

1. Norwich Arts Centre in person, or on 01603 660352, or from NAC's online ticketing, using the button at the bottom of this linked page

2. Soundclash Records in person

3. UEA box office in person, or on 01603 508050, or from UEA's online ticketing

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