Friday 22 February 2013
Negative Pegasus + Balaclava Kid & Dad +
The Star Fields @ Norwich Arts Centre

St Benedict's, 8pm. £6.50 adv + booking fee where applicable, £8 door. Late bar.
Negative Pegasus
© Dave Imms

Negative Pegasus

from Brighton

"An aural-assault comprised of dualling [sic] guitars used more as conduits for feedback than as "musical" instruments, contrasting against echo-drenched drums, prehistorically pounded out like a mammoth bone on a cave floor, Negative Pegasus make music loud enough to feel your entire body, resonating in your inner ear." (The Great Escape)

Born from a mutual love of the NYC-rock of Oneida, the free-time whirl of Sightings and the joint-snapping mathematics of KILLL and Zu, Neg Peg mix grinding loops with wild sheets of guitar feedback to create a malevolent stew of hard-psyche and woozy drone-garage. Cue repetitive rhythms overlaid with ghostly vocals, primal, pounding drums and a thick, choking haze of reverberant effects.

Be warned, Smalltown America signings Negative Pegasus will blow your mind and your eardrums but you'll be gagging for more, as their extraordinary consciousness-expanding existence becomes your lifeblood. You can feed it daily by buying and listening to their critically-acclaimed debut album, Looming, but you will NEED to experience a Neg Peg performance.

"Pounding Neolithic drums and mountains of guitar noise. Blurring the boundaries between band and audience, Negative Pegasus are never less than thrilling live." (

"Dirty, artless riffs hurl themselves at the listener from the pounding stomp of opener How It Happens coming on like Death From Above 1979 numbers played by The White Stripes at their most obtuse through Psychic Energy's Sabbath meets Refused squall all the way to Visitation's apocalyptic, feedback soaked climax. This is a record with no hint of compromise, no-one is going to be on the fence, they're either going to get it or they're going to despise it… A seriously impressive debut." (

"Memories of Killing Joke, Wire, and Sonic Youth mixed with Can and overlayed by The Prodigy produce a heady brew that makes me wonder where Neg Peg have been all my life!" (

"Negative Pegasus are one of those very rare bands that can change the very dynamic and sound of their genre. Looming is a record that can turn contemporary UK rock upside down. Riffs are all well and good but it's what you do with them that counts." (

"Get hold of Looming and prepare for half an hour of bold, messy, intense fun. Negative Pegasus will melt down all your shit records with lethal vibrations." (

Balaclava Kid & Dad
© Andi Sapey

Balaclava Kid & Dad

from Wales via Norwich

"A glorious racket." (John Kennedy, Xfm)

One of the highlights of NS&V 2012 , BK & Dad's super-turbo-charged punk/rock hybrid is a sonic thunderstorm of white light and heat created from violent crashing baritone guitar riffs, controlled thunderously chaotic drums, live looping and bass effects.

Taking influences from their native Welsh landscape, Captain Beefheart, Can, Ennio Morricone, Melvins and Acid Mothers Temple, BK & Dad's Pip and Leo explore the contrasts between the beautiful and the bleak, industry and dereliction, mixing massive sonics and dazzling visuals to conjure up a gobsmacking audiovisual feast.

"An unimaginable barrage of magnificent noise." (

"Imagine the F**k Buttons jamming with Acid Mothers Temple or Amon Düül II." (Total Music Magazine)

The Star Fields

The Star Fields

from Norfolk

Solo guitar sonics, sampling, singing and vocal effects from Jay ex-Hypnotize Holliday: watch out for your ears...

AND HOWLBACK HUM DJS in the bar: HappyJFost + DJtm