Thursday 10 October 2013, wombatwombat showcase in the bar @ Norwich Arts Centre, St Benedict's, 8pm, on the opening night of Norwich Sound & Vision 2013

entry is via an excellent value NS&V wristband or an individual ticket for that evening's gig at NAC,
subject to capacity.

Our acts will hit the stage in the bar between those strutting their stuff in the auditorium, making it one continuous big feast of new and emerging talent throughout NAC: hurrah!

© Anna Reed


from London

"Think Hot Snakes and Fugazi in that post-punk/post-hardcore tradition, with a heavy emphasis on melody, duelling girl-boy vocals and nifty guitar interplay. Really bloody good already." (

"[DOE's] chugging sonic mix of Sleater-Kinney, Archers of Loaf, Rainer Maria and Lemuria, replete with – guess what? – soaring, powerfully melodic vocals, is a damn sight more enticing than much of the derivative material currently doing the rounds." (

"We put DOE on and I think it's fair to say they blew away everyone in ear shot. As a promoter/doorman I've never had so many people come up to me asking what a band was called, and I can see why. DOE play music that is part aggressive, part melodic, part beautiful and of a sub-genre that has been pretty much forgotten. When we heard that they didn't have any concrete release plans we jumped at the chance." (Regicide Records)

Horse Party
© Kate Wood

Horse Party

from Bury St Edmunds

"Sounding like The White Stripes playing Fugazi covers with Beth Ditto fronting them is a bizarre mix, but it's one that works… it actually fuses together in a style that drips the energy of punk with soulful vocals and lofi production." (

"A band full of heavy hitting guitar riffs and equally impactful drums who perform with shades of punk, pop, indie all encased in one heated flurry of pure energetic tropical thunder. All three songs are top notch, and it would be a mistake not to be a fan of the band after checking this EP out." (

"Sounding something like The XX but with a little more substance and dirt… definitely a band to look out for." (

The Mondegreens
© Nigel D Nudds Photography

The Mondegreens

from Norwich

Hell yes! An act that has restored our faith in Norwich teens being able to concoct something that doesn't reek of its stated influences and which is interesting and edgy enough to tickle our trying taste buds to salivation.

This salvation awaits in the shape of a live slab of The Mondegreens' precocious dark alt-rock, in the meantime snaffle a sample courtesy of February's free EP, EPisode 1.

Don't forget, our 2012 NS&V showcase included hosting the debut gig for Night Engine and a few months later their massive noise was waking up the music industry's movers and shakers and catching the ears of all the cool kids #justsaying #don'tmissourNS&V2013showcase

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